mémoir: IBIZA 2012

Better late than never here is a mémoir of our trip to IBIZA CLOSING 2012.  The world’s centre for international dance music & club culture.  The clubs and parties are but just a small part of what really is MAGICAL about the island.  This mémoir is focused more on the beautiful culturural aspects of the magical island.

The ENTER “dot” was seen everyone and a huge part of Ibiza 2012 culture.  From billboards to posters, to arms, legs, boobs & butts.  Everyone seemed to have at minimum one dot on their body.

View from Berrie/Seth/Jared’s balcony, the spot for countless pre’s and after’s in Playa D’en Bossa right by Space & Ushuaia.

This was one of our favorite Iberian foods, Manchego Cheese.  The food in Ibiza is amazing!

Laying in a cabanna somewhere alongside the beach.

Amnesia magazine , I’m not sure if anyone read this but it sure was useful ;) .

Hanging out in 1805 Ibiza Town waiting for Bella, a really chill place.

Maybe one of the best crepe’s I’ve ever head at French owned 1805 Ibiza Town.

Ibz iced-coffee does it remind you of something? ;) haha.

Hanging out with Ben Turner of Graphite Media. He is one of the founders of the Ibiza Music Summit & Richie Hawtin’s manager.

Hanging out with Bella Sarris & Juan Milan (Elrow).

Tagging up 1805 Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Town is AMAZING.



Words can’t describe.

Amazing decor in this restaraunt we dine before Enter Closing After in Cala Conta.

Seafood Salad, look at that detail.

Horsecock Steak.

We’re running on Ibiza time.. about 5 hours behind schedule for the After party as usual.

But let’s stop by the Vagabundos store.

And an expresso.

We’ve finally reached the after party, fitted with a cool fashion store.

Richie Hawtin @ ENTER Closing After Party – Cala Conta – Ibiza.

There were strange things going on in the beach.

A vineyard on our way to Cala Conta the next day.

Cala Conta magical!

Can’t wait for Ibiza 2013!

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