mémoir: FIRECRACKER (7/4/12)

It was a special day & night of friends,dancing, and fireworks on a Secret Rooftop Terrace in Brooklyn, NY on this year’s American Independence Day.  Panoramic views of firecrackers & fireworks set off the firecracker into a great intimate party & musical experience. Jroh opened the “terrace” nicely with a blend of deep house & minimal.  Then Geiko brought the energy up passing it on to Jayoza who played a deep set of grooves.  Ralph Berr, Melody & the Reach crew brought the vibe to a really good point dropping an eclectic set that had a great response and energy.   Thanks to all the artists & electronique people!  Lookout for upcoming events at the secret terrace in BK!

Naté & Ashlynn strike a pose before the firecracker goes off!

Jroh opening the terrace.


Awwww Wow look at those fireworks!

Ashlynn & Melody saying “blonds do it better”.

Ralph Berr & Jayoza hanging out before swapping places on the DJ controls.

Ralph Berr + Melody having a lot of fun doing a b2b set.

Melody striking a pose on the terrace.

Some track ID’s from the party:

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